Problems with TEEMCO

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Burned by TEEMCO and still in a jam? We can help…

Regulatory compliance is not only a necessity, but, when applied properly, is the safer and more economical approach to operations. The challenge is to understand, comply, and stay current with the myriad of regulations involved. That is where Allied Testing can provide benefit to you by our performance on your behalf.

Many Texas operators have had problems getting what they need (and/or paid for from) TEEMCO. We know of instances where it appears that: undue sales pressure was applied, questionable sales tactics were used, and services were not received or performed correctly/completely as paid for in advance. If you have problems stemming from dealing with TEEMCO, we can help and we consider our word our bond.

Just because you have “oil”, “energy”, operating” or “resources” in your company name, you should not be a target for people that prey on people’s confusion of the current environmental regulations. It is hard to know the regulations like the back of your hand when you are focused on safety and production issues that are essential to staying both productive and afloat long-term. The confusion surrounding certain issues does not mean they should cost an arm and a leg to handle properly. For us, regulatory compliance is rather fundamental and can be handled without costing you unnecessarily or taking you away you’re your production-related efforts.

As concerned Texans with a vested interest in the success of oil and gas production in Texas, we are saddened to learn of people taking advantage of operators. It hurts Texas, Texans, operators, and the environmental efforts of so many – including the regulators who fight to help Texas/Texans. It wastes money that could be better applied towards real solutions with bonafide results. Having come from humble beginnings in oil (1905+, Montague, Wichita, & Archer counties & Burkburnett Field), my great-grandfather (J.I. Staley) and my two great-great uncles (S.L. Fowler & W.D. Kline) brought in the Fowler Farm well at 2,200 BOPD in 1918 after scrapping along for many years. We know what it is like to be in your shoes. Our family continues to participate in oil and gas 5 generations later and has been an operator in Texas for over 81 years.

Oil and gas are precious, energy-laden resources which require risk, capital, imagination, applied intelligence and perseverance to bring to the market. It is hard work, no doubt. While there have been many advances in the methods of finding rewarding fluids and gases, the basics still apply. In today’s stricter regulatory environment, compliance costs (which do not fluctuate with the market) can get out of control – particularly when not properly performed the first time. One thing worse than getting gouged is getting nothing for your money.

Gone are the days where oil & gas operators only have to satisfy and deal with the Texas Railroad Commission. We work WITH the regulatory bodies that impact your operations – the TCEQ, RRC, EPA, TPWD, and the USACE. We strive to be correct and thorough – this ultimately benefits you, the government, Texas and is, ultimately, the least costly and impactful approach.

You have my word that we will do our work correctly, completely, and for a reasonable price. We will do what we say or you don’t owe us a dime. If you have been impacted by TEEMCO’s shenanigans or closure, we will get your work done and try to offset some of your already-paid money when we can. We specialize in Tier 2 reporting, SPCC plans, air permits, spill remediation, H-9 certification and production issues due to chemistry and or mechanical processes. Feel free to email me directly and I will see that we help where we can.

Wendell J. O. Mullins