Tier Two Chemical Reporting

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Each year, oil and gas operators need to review and file Tier 2 Chemical Reports to the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality. The general intent of this requirement is to help first-responders know what to expect upon arrival at oil and gas facilities involved in release, explosion, and/or fire events where the responders could be put at risk as well as the general public during unexpected events.

While it is not a terribly complex process, it can be confusing and the consequences real if the reports are not properly completed and filed. Each year these reports must be updated to reflect current chemical conditions at your leases. If you are not yet compliant, have no fear. The best approach is to get compliant and stay that way. Do not worry about past years as Texas law does not penalize you past the current year. The emphasis is on helping you get compliant.

Many operators think they do not have chemicals of concern at their leases and are therefore exempt. This is not so.

With our knowledge of the facts on both sides and the field and office staff familiar with how to get you in compliance, we can easily take care of your needs. Allowing us to handle this aspect of your operations allows you to stay focused on safety, production, and bottom-line issues. The vacillating price of oil and its impact on revenues makes this even more important. Let us help you today. Drop us an email and we can begin to get your work done quickly.

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