TCEQ Air Permits

Contact Button-bigThe Texas Commission on Environmental Quality’s (TCEQ) requirement for permitting of emissions from oil and gas production facilities is a cooperative effort between the EPA and the State of Texas (in agreement with the Texas Railroad Commission). This aspect of the Clean Air Act of 1970 is spearheaded by the TCEQ and is a serious effort to enforce federal requirements at the state level so Texas can have greater control over its environmental signature – particularly as it relates to our vital hydrocarbon resources.

Does this relate to you and your operations? Yes. It is impossible to produce oil and gas without actual emissions or the “potential to emit.” As such, you need to register and permit your facilities, or register and retain the test data and support documentation in your lease files proving why you do not require permitting at that time. That’s where we shine.

Allied handles everything from sampling in the field to the final application for your permit, if one is required. All of our sampling and testing is performed to the relevant ASTM methods and protocols. Our laboratory is calibrated for hydrocarbons and sulfurs thus ensuring accurate data. This is especially important when you are projecting out a year’s worth of emissions based on the test data.

Allied samples and analyzes your emissions, and performs the engineering and administrative work necessary to either determine your emissions or perform actual flow calculations and Gas Oil Ratio (GOR) work in the field to quantify these exactly. Not all situations merit the added expense of direct qualification and quantification. We can handle whichever approach best suits your situation.

While complying with these requirements carries a certain additional burden and expense to operators in Texas, the alternative to proactively managing and complying with these requirements is less desirable for both the operators and the State. Furthermore, compliance on a proactive basis is more cost-effective and less disruptive to production than reacting to enforcement actions.

Allied has extensive experience with Air Permitting issues and a good rapport with the regulators. We simply apply the rules to your situation – using knowledge of the regulations and production realities, quality data and critical thought.

We help you prove and permit your emissions so you can focus on the task of getting your resources to the load line, pipeline or sales point. Ask us how today!