H-15 Testing for Inactive Wells

Contact Button-bigFor certain older wells that are inactive, the Texas Railroad Commission requires periodic testing and filing of an H-15.

Allied Testing can handle this on a turn-key or “testing-only” basis for you.

Compliance with the regulations can avoid escalated compliance measures thus avoiding extra frustration and expense which disturb normal operations and increases costs.  In certain cases, compliance can avoid the added expense of plugging wells provided circumstances at the wells support this and we can prove this for you.

We can economically service all areas of Texas with our facilities located in or near most producing areas of the state.

We offer quantity discounts based upon geographic area and number of locations tested in field per day.

Contact us today and schedule your H-15 work.  Free of charge, we can assess your inactive wells for the requirements and testing schedule.

“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”   – Benjamin Franklin