H-9 Permits and SWR 36 Compliance

Contact Button-bigThe Texas Railroad Commission requires an H-9 Permit to be filed for both drilling and production operations in a known H2S bearing zone. All wildcat operations require testing to determine sweet or sour standing and filing of an H-9 regardless of H2S level.

Allied handles H-9 compliance on a turn-key basis. We perform the field work, sampling, flow testing, ROE calculations, and mapping to accompany the filing. We also complete the paperwork and submit the filing on your behalf.

We review your site for SWR 36 compliance and make recommendations for any deficiency found. Allied’s work helps operators avoid confusion, become compliant, and remain focused on their normal production tasks.

As an added benefit, our laboratory test results also allow us to advise you on revenue opportunities that you might be missing. We also use this information to audit/analyze your gas purchasers’ statements and make sure you are getting paid for all you are providing. Most gas purchasers do not adequately maintain their meter runs (errors are usually in their favor as orifices wear) and, quite often, they do not accurately account for valuable liquids in your gas stream.

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