Oil and Gas Regulatory Links and Info

The regulatory authorities and their jurisdiction:

The RRC governs everything related to oil and gas production and exploration.

The TCEQ covers anything that goes 1) off a lease (in the soils), or 2) is emitted to the air from oil and gas operations.

The EPA has jurisdiction over the inland waters of the USA which can come in to play. The USACE (Corps of Engineers), and in Texas, the Bureau of Reclamation in some US areas, covers the operations and integrity of our waterways.

Additionally, the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department (TPWD) covers flora and fauna (killed or stressed plants or vegetation) in riparian (watersheds, creeks, lakes, lagoons, bogs, etc.) habitats and some other areas of Texas.

Useful links to Rules and Regulations pertaining to the Oil and Gas Industry:

EPA Clean Air Act of 1970

EPA Spill Prevention, Control and Countermeasure (SPCC) Rule

EPA Oil Pollution Prevention Regulation Overview

RRC Current Rules and Regulations

RRC Oil and Gas Compliance and Enforcement

RRC Oil and Gas Applications and Permits

TCEQ’s Jurisdiction and Regulatory Authority

TCEQ Current Rules and Regulations

TCEQ Oil and Gas Specific Permit Requirements

TCEQ Air Quality Data and Evaluations

Texas GLO Oil Spill Prevention and Response Act of 1991

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